Face Masks and Covid 19 what you need to know

Face Masks and Covid 19 what you need to know

Face Masks and Covid 19 facts and fiction.

As we come out of lock down into Phase 2 (Detect and Trace) we have been advised to wear face masks to help prevent the spread and a possible second wave of covid 19 however there are some important factors to be considered. Face masks are recomended to be worn in places that are difficult to maintain social distancing including public transport and shops or work environments where there is more people present however face masks are non medical devices and are not designed to protect the wearer from infection but to protect other people from the possibility of the wearer who may be asymptomatic infecting them via sneezing and coughing in close proximity or contaminating objects that the public may come in contact with such as ATM’s .

These mask are becoming a very popular buy and this comes with the risk that people relax because they think that it is protecting them. Also the potential that sellers exploit the situation and sell mask at inflated prices giving the impression these offer greater protection when in truth a simple handkerchief will offer the same. However it is behaviour that is the key to protection.

Reusable face mask

Reusable low cost face mask


Face masks and covid 19 best practice.

If you do need to wear a face mask then here are some simple and common sense rules to follow:

There are two kinds of reusable masks commonly available for public use 1. Simple reusable washable  2. Reusable with disposable filters. If you prefer the first kind which are usually cheaper then only ware them for one day and then wash them as any other clothing item, it is best to have several available.

Disposable filter face mask

Washable face mask with disposable filters

If you prefer the second kind then filters should only be used for 1 day and disposed of as per instructions, personally we would avoid mask which have filters that are for prolonged use as this is only increasing your potential exposure because they cannot filter out the virus entirely.

(The CDC spokesperson said a cloth mask is a way to contain respiratory secretions right at the source. “The mask traps the droplets before they spread into the environment. Therefore, ‘my mask protects you, and your mask protects me!’ It’s a way of strengthening the social distancing that we are already doing”, she said. ) Source Reuters.

Face masks and Covid 19 a valuable addition to social distancing.

We are all familiar with the signs and asking us to keep a safe distance, wash our hands regularly and avoid touching our face, these measure protect us but we also have to take measures to protect others from us, no-one wants to be the source of infection and wearing a face covering can be a positive step it shows you care and helps easy the stress some people no doubt experience when in public space or on public transport and protects key workers who are keeping our transport systems working.

Face masks and Covid 19 whats next ? Hopefully by making these small changes to our behaviour we will eventually be able to return to some form of normal way of life, we all can make small changes that make a big difference, consider it a donation to the future for us all.

Stay Safe

Jonathan Varty Director Mimo-net Limited



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