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Restaurant / hotel delivery software free today? That’s right everything you need to get your delivery service up and running tonight.

At Mimo-net we researched all the delivery and ordering platforms and were amazed at the quality and functionality that the GlobalFoodsoft platform offered, so much so that we became partners.

Often software companies offer free versions of software platforms but they are severely limited so that you have to buy multiple add on features which soon and up to a substantial monthly cost.

We where delighted to find that this was not the case with GlobalFoodSoft’s offering, in fact the only thing you need to get started is the PayPal integration which cost £1 per day. (essential in today’s Covid-19 world) then you will have the best food delivery system helping to build your new delivery business fast and with all the functions and support required to get your business out of lock down and customer enjoying your food again. Easily integrated into your current website, Facebook Page and complete with Food Delivery Software app for customers, and restaurant order acknowledgement App.

With Delivery services becoming the new normal it is essential that you present a safe image to your clients we have a range of products to assist with this including Signage, Sneeze Screens and Re-usable fabric face mask that can be branded.

Branded Face Masks

Our Philosophy is even if its free its useless unless it can be quickly setup and easily managed and again this is delivered spectacularly, we tested it ourselves and where able to set up a fully functioning site in a few hours from scratch. Globalfoodsoft’s order and payment for hotels and restaurants makes it easy for any business to get up and running in the food delivery market, giving businesses a comprehensive collection design to help you maximise sales and make it easy and safe for your customers to order their favourite meals from home, with built in features designed specifically to meet the challenges of the current situation.

Try our live demo of our food delivery pos system you will love it and so will your clients!

If you what to try our Food Delivery Software package free today, NO Risk, No Commitment, No Commission on sales. Just fill in the form and we will send you login details, you could be taking orders tonight.


Allow your customers to book a table with easy from there smart phone.

As lock down restrictions ease and customers are being encouraged to return to Restaurants and Bars it is vital that the experience is as seamless as possible. Part of that is the ability for  customers to book a table our Platform provides all the elements required to ensure that the service is delivered as smoothly and professionally as possible including the following key features:

Online and Mobile table reservation.

Online and Mobile Menu system.

Online and Mobile Payment including Paypal. This is the way food delivery software should be.

Zero touch options for takeaway delivery customers.

Ordering online

Simple to setup, Powerful customisation.



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Food delivery software for hotels and restaurants

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