Managed WiFi service for Hotels and Business

Why should I work with a "Managed wifi service" provider.

We believe Wi-Fi for hotels should be a revenue generating investment not simply a free customer utility. With access to world leading manufacturers we build a network around your specific requirements and within your budget. Our aim is to take your specifications and add value through unique services and functions. With our Wi-Fi as a service financial packages everything is taken care of, reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs and insuring your network is always delivering the best service to your customers. We use advanced cloud managed wifi systems to be able to actively monitor clients sites, ensuring that customers are always kept happy, secure and can access your products and services while they enjoy their stay. Your network is monitored 24/7 enabling us to provide fast replacement of any failed equipment before it becomes an issue for your business.

Managed Wifi Service keeping business flowing

Mimo-net managed wifi service

We provide a range of solutions suitable for Guest Houses, Public Houses, Independent Small and Large Hotels, Providing secure Wi-Fi access for guests and a range of additional services to help your business get the most benefit from your investment, including in-house order and payment, table reservation, Delivery Service, Digital Menu application, Social media marketing. Mimo-net managed wifi service is built on our experience of developing and installing over 150 networks across the UK, from public space to corporate offices. Read More

Public Space Wifi

Mimo-Net Super Wifi at Inchpark Community Sports Club Edinburgh

Beginning with the Mimo-net Gateway + DNS solution consisting of a high powered Dual Band wireless AC1200 Gateway with pre-configured DNS filtering subscription, Ideal for public houses. Providing super fast Wi-Fi connections and excellent coverage. Priced at £80+ VAT plus £5 per month subscription to the DNS filtering service.

IgniteNet’s Gateway AC1200 is a cost-effective, cloud-managed 802.11ac wireless router gateway. The Ignitenet Gateway AC1200 contains two independent, concurrent-operating radios — one 802.11ac (5 GHz) radio and one 802.11n (2.4 GHz) radio — capable of delivering blisteringly fast wireless speeds. The sleek design of the Ignitenet Gateway AC1200 allows it to be placed inconspicuously in both offices and homes, delivering fast wireless connections and convenient Internet access. 5 gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to fully utilise your bandwidth.

Available in 3 options:

1: Stand Alone device self managed with free Cloud Portal access to configure. From £80 + VAT

2: Ignitenet Gateway + DNS fully managed with content filtering (Ideal for Residential use) From £80 + £5 monthly DNS filtering

3: Ignitenet Gateway + DNS + Hotspot Fully managed  and configured to reflect your brand, Social media logins/ checkins, helps drive traffic to your site: From £200 setup then £30 + per month (Ideal for Small Venues, Restaurants, Pubs) Minimum 12 month Subscription.

This product is Ideal for Small venues such as Coffee Shops, Pubs, Restaurants and Small Offices, however if your needs are more complex such as Wi-fi for Hotels, Multi-Site organisations, Large Outdoor Events etc, Mimo-net can provide a complete bespoke service covering Design, Installation, Configuration, Management and Financing enabling you to gain the best return on investment.




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