SME Secure Business internet security

SME Secure by Mimo-net

Based on Mikrotik's proven RouterOS platform.


Identify/kill Unauthorised remote hacker access

Protecting your network from unauthorised remote internet access, that is typically used to plant Ransomware, copy/steal data, etc.

Our cloud based AI security scans the internet for threats constantly and updates SME-Secure end-points every 15 mins.  


With IDPS (Intrusion Dectection & Provention System)

You are not relying on your Anti-Virus being aware of a existing threat, IDPS is proactive threat profiling which is able to detect and eliminate threats as they occur.

Content filter  (DNS & Connection Tracking Based)

  • Easily selectable Category list of content. (Torrents, Instant Messaging, Adult, Gambling, Gaming, etc)
  • * Whitelisting and blacklisting of domains, hosts and IPs.
Mikrotik Routers @ Mimo-net

Set up a custom blocking schedule.  For example: Only allow access to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any category you choose to be accessible at specific times of the day.

  • Enforce Google Search Safe search — This enforces the Google Safe Search feature on Google searches.
  • Enforce YouTube Safe Search – This will force the Google safe search filter to be activated for YouTube.
Stay Productive
  • Allocate available bandwidth by specific activity or device.
  • Enhance employee productivity by actively removing anonymity of Internet use in the form of reporting.
  • * Time based rules to block or allow between times, for categories, or specific hosts i.e. Social Media.

Bringing corporate level security within reach of even the smallest company.

Be proactive with your business internet security

Contact us today to find how we can deliver SME Secure to your business giving you rock solid business internet security and more from the moment you switch it on .

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