Social distancing products for offices and personal use.

Social distancing products for offices and personal use, why face masks are important.

We are living in a very different world with the focus shifting from shut down of the economy and isolation of the population to opening up the economy and taking the steps required to reduce the spread as much as possible. With mandatory use of face coverings on public  transport, shops and restaurants now in places hopefully these measures will reduce community spread by trapping the particles before they get into the environment, and bring everyday life back to as near as possible for us all. At Mimo-net we have a variety of hi-quality face mask to order in Adult and Children's sizes. These Social distancing products for Offices and personal use should be considered an addition to the standard safety practices recommend including social distancing, washing hands regularly and avoiding touching your face. Research has shown that wearing a face covering when in busy public spaces can reduce the spread of particles by up to 95% so wearing a face mask is protecting friends and family and making a positive contribution to the prevention of the spread of covid 19 .


Neck gaiters for social distancing
Products for social distancing
Social distancing products for Offices and public spaces
Reusable face mask

Social distancing products for offices and restaurants.

As business begins to look for ways to open up again the need for these products will increase dramatically , in order to reassure employees and customers it is important to have visible evidence that your company is taking the required safety precautions however this is also the responsibility of the employee as covered by the Heath and Safety Executive  Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice.

Mimo-net has a range of product for social distancing to assist with this including re-usable washable material face masks from OEKO-TEX®  these products for social distancing is available plain white in packs of 5 minimum order.   Also in various pre-designed styles or with your own company branding minimum quantity 50 masks. (Maximum order 5000). Contact us for further details. Oeko-Tek face mask are priced very competitively are machine washable and designed for prolonged contact with skin.

We have a range of product for social distancing  including safety signage for covid 19 to aid companies with social distancing rules including floor vinyl stickers and wall posters  in a variety of sizes, Hi-Vis Vests and Sneeze Screens for public contact areas.

There are many types of workplace signs from standard directional signs to complex organisational diagrams but whatever your need large or small indoor or outdoor we can accommodate your requirements.

With lock down restrictions easing even further, social distancing products for offices, public transport and shopping venues are  even more important if we are to prevent further outbreaks and avoid further disruptions caused by tighter restrictions. We all have to be prepared to make small changes in our behaviour to insure a healthy future for us all.


Social distancing posters for work places
social distancing hi-vis vests
Floor Vinyl Wait Here
Social distancing sneeze screens
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