Unlimited 4G broadband for Rural locations

Unlimited 4G broadband for Rural locations

Unlimited 4G Broadband

Are you tired of waiting for fibre broadband to become available in your area?

If the answer is yes then we have some good news for you it is now possible to have unlimited 4G broadband almost anywhere. That’s right even in very remote rural locations with no direct line of site to a 4G Mast. Using the latest category 6 LTE/4G equipment it is possible to obtain speeds up to 300/50 Mbs that is better than most fibre packages available. Ah you say but what is the cost of this solution? Well surprisingly it is very affordable, in most cases an external antenna is not required saving on installation cost. With initial installation (Subject to survey) ranging from £150 – £250 and a monthly data subscription based on the Smarty Sim only plans, you can have unlimited data for only £20 per month with no fixed contract.

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